Streamlined Paediatric Cannulation in Emergency (SPaCE)

Initiative Type
Service Improvement
10 March 2022
Last updated
13 December 2022


SPaCE is a resource pack to help standardise and streamline paediatric cannulation processes, particularly in mixed emergency departments (EDs) with varying levels of staff experience. 
It includes a Preparation Board to help collate and organise equipment and fact sheets for Paediatric Cannula Tape, Securing a Paediatric Cannula, and Positioning for Comfort and Distraction.


Key dates
Jul 2021
Implementation sites
SPaCE is being offered to all Queensland Health Emergency Departments.
Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel (QEDSAP), Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care (QPEC), Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service; Vascular Access and Management Service, Queensland Children’s Hospital


To improve the care provided to paediatric patients requiring a cannula, by providing resources to staff who have either limited experience or infrequent need to cannulate paediatric patients.  


  • improved staff confidence and competency in cannulating paediatric patients 
  • enabling improved patient safety, and improving experience of patients and carers through
  • maximising first insertion success
  • maximising cannula longevity
  • minimising complications.


SPaCE was developed at Redcliffe Hospital ED, in response to high staff turnover and varied experience in paediatric care. The initiative and its associated resources were developed in consultation with Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) stakeholders. It was  introduced to PROV-ED by ED Staff Specialist Dr Michelle Dodds and CN Clinical Network Facilitator Natasha Edwards.

The SPaCE initiative and its associated resources have been further developed in consultation with Children’s Health Queensland stakeholders. 

Solutions Implemented

EDs introducing SPaCE will require engagement with the PROV-ED Project team. A toolkit of resources will be provided including: 
•    cannulation equipment Preparation Board – printed on a cleanable, reusable plastic mat
•    factsheets: Paediatric Cannula Tape, Securing a Paediatric Cannula, Positioning for Comfort and Distraction
•    implementation guide.

Evaluation and Results

Focus group interviews with key senior clinical staff will be used to determine the impact of SPaCE on staff competence and paediatric cannulation practices. 
Patient outcomes will be measured by research data collected at the pilot site.  

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