Skin cancer prevention and early detection project

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Education and Training
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The skin cancer prevention and early detection project has three key elements to drive change.

Element 1 – Social marketing. Taking a state-wide approach and using paid and unpaid channels and targeted messages to encourage uptake of the five sun-safe behaviours and self-skin checks.

Element 2 – Outreach skin cancer early detection services commissioned by CheckUP to be delivered in underserved locations in five Hospital and Health Services (HHSs).

Element 3 – Community activation and health promotion to increase community leadership for sun safety, policy and shade creation.

Key dates
Jul 2022
Jun 2026
Implementation sites
South West, North West, Central Queensland, Townsville, Mackay Hospital and Health Services, Social marketing statewide
Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland, QMIR Berghofer, Cancer Council Qld, Queensland Cancer Clinical Network, Melanoma Patients Australia, University of Queensland


Improve sun safety to prevent and reduce the impact of skin cancer in Queensland.


The long-term benefits of this initiative are: 

  • reduced incidence of skin cancer in Queensland
  • reduced skin cancer mortality in Queensland.



Queensland has the highest rates of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers in the world. Queensland's proximity to the equator results in moderate to extreme ambient ultraviolent (UV) radiation all year. In June 2022, the Queensland Government provided additional funding of $8.384 million over four years to Queensland Health to deliver a skin cancer prevention campaign and skin cancer early detection clinics.


Solutions Implemented

•    A steering committee including leading skin cancer researchers and stakeholders has provided critical input to shape and oversee the project.

•    Undertaken consumer research to inform the first campaign which had a winter focus with the message “Don’t let your guard down”. 

•    Sponsorship of large scale outdoor sporting events has enabled message reach to people at times when they are at particular risk of UV damage.

•    Queensland Health contracted CheckUP to commission the outreach services and CheckUP has applied its commissioning framework to assess needs and plan integrated services. 

•    Local community activation has focused on engaging local governments to take a leadership role for sun safety in their local community.

Evaluation and Results

A draft monitoring and evaluation framework was shared with the project Steering Committee and is currently being finalised. 

The framework will inform data collection and reporting over the remaining period of the project. 

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Key contact

Cathie Gillan
Senior Skin Prevention Officer
Prevention Strategy Branch
07 3328 9863