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Service Improvement
10 March 2022
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19 August 2022


RESUSMENU is a paper resource for medical staff to indicate and prioritise Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) and/or cardiac arrest drugs to be prepared in advance of a patient requiring resuscitation.

RESUS MENU | Watch RESUS Menu in action from Clinical Excellence Division on Vimeo.

Key dates
Jul 2021
Implementation sites
RESUSMENU is being offered to all tertiary and secondary Queensland Health Emergency Departments
Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel ; Children's Health Queensland (CREDD Guide)


Aims to improve communication and standardisation in resuscitation, simplifying the preparation of medications and reducing the chance of avoidable adverse events in a high stress environment.


  • improved communication between medical and nursing staff in preparing for patient emergencies i.e., intubation and resuscitation
  • increased staff confidence in resuscitation procedures
  • decreasing cognitive load to enable attention to be focused on aspects of preparation subject to greater variability
  • endorsed by Children’s Health Queensland HHS and aligns with Children’s Resuscitation Emergency Drug Dosage (CREDD)


RESUSMENU was introduced to the PROV-ED Project by ED Director Dr Luke Burman, and ED Staff Specialist Dr Andrew Hobbins King from Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH). 
Initially developed to overcome communication challenges in the retrieval setting (e.g., helicopter noise), RESUSMENU was modified for use in the SCUH ED. It enables medical officers to communicate medication preparations non-verbally. The overall effect is a more streamlined, less chaotic environment in preparing for the arrival of a high acuity patient.

Solutions Implemented

  • single page (adult) or 2-sided (paediatric) single-use paper resource to mark and prioritise preparation of medications
  • developed in consultation with pharmacy and Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) stakeholders
  • paediatric version aligns with the Children’s Resuscitation Emergency Drug Dosage (CREDD) Guide 
  • aligns with National Standard for User Applied Labelling
  • educational video developed at SCUH available for staff education implementation guide

Evaluation and Results

RESUSMENU is designed to streamline medication preparations in advance of the arrival of a patient who requires resuscitation. Staff feedback from the pilot site is very positive. For statewide rollout, staff experience surveys and focus group interviews will be used to evaluate its impact.  



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