New Models of Care project to improve the patient's journey

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Service Improvement
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The New Models of Care (NMC) project is the fourth key investment initiative of the Queensland Government’s Specialist Outpatient Strategy – Improving the Patient Journey, aiming to improve the patient's journey and reduce patient waiting times for appointments.

The NMC project is exploring new ways of providing optimal specialist outpatient care under two programs targeting:

(1) proven models of care across selected Hospital and Health Services (the Spread and Scale Program), and

(2) ‘proof of concept’ trials of new and innovative models of care (the Futures Program).

Both NMC programs will support and facilitate the broader Strategy goals to:

  1. reduce the number of Queenslander's waiting longer than clinically recommended for an initial specialist outpatient appointment; and
  2. boost the capacity of the public health system to provide additional specialist appointments and healthcare services.
Key dates
Jul 2017
Jun 2019
Implementation sites
Projects are being implemented by the following hospitals/HHSs: Caboolture, Cairns, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Mater, Princess Alexandra, Redcliffe, Royal Brisbane and Women’s, Redcliffe, Redland, Sunshine Coast, Torres and Cape, and Prince Charles.
Projects are being delivered in partnerships between HHSs, general practitioners, primary care networks, and the Department of Health


The aim of the NMC project is to identify new specialist outpatient models of care that can address structural difficulties within existing conventional models in order to increase patient access to specialist outpatient services; reduce the number of patients waiting longer than clinically recommended for an initial appointment; and boost capacity of the public health system to provide appointments  in a scalable and sustainable manner.


Anticipated benefits of the NMC project include:

  • Cultivation of new ideas and innovative solutions in outpatient service delivery
  • Accelerated establishment and spread of new models of care, leveraging from knowledge and practices locally, nationally and internationally
  • Clinicians enabled to practice to the top of their professional scope
  • Increased access pathways for patients to be seen by the most appropriate health professional, at the most appropriate time, in the most appropriate place for their clinical condition
  • Establishment, delivery and embedding of best-practice specialist outpatient care
  • Establishment of Queensland as a leader in in the provision of specialist outpatient service


Every patient journey through the Queensland public hospital system is unique. Currently, specialist outpatient care in the public health system mostly relies on first seeing a specialist at a hospital. There are many examples of models of care where clinical outcomes have been significantly improved by engaging of a broader set of health professionals, such as allied health and nurse practitioners, as a first point of contact with the hospital system.

Under the guidance of a specialist, a range of service delivery models can be delivered to patients in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

The Queensland Government’s Specialist Outpatient Strategy – Improving the Patient Journey commits $30.0 million over 3 years to deliver the New Models of Care project.

NMC is the fourth key investment initiative of the Strategy to improve the patient journey and reduce patient waiting times for appointments.

Solutions Implemented

Spread and Scale Projects

  • General Practitioners with Special Interest
  • Primary Care Fracture Clinics

Futures Projects

  • Advanced -Dietitian Second Gastroenterology Model
  • Early and Quick: Improving access and quality of care for Developmental / Behavioural Paediatrics
  • A new Model of care for Ear, Nose and Throat service delivery in rural and remote Cape York, Australia
  • HEPREACH: Hepatology Community Outreach
  • State-wide Oncoplastics Meeting for Breast Reconstruction Patients
  • Colon Consent Clinic – telehealth platform
  • Development of an intestinal ultrasound service
  • Meeting the Local Demand for Specialist Skin Cancer Treatment
  • Metro South Neurology SOPD Initiative
  • Ophthalmology Clinical Pathways Redesign Program
  • WMHHS Ophthalmology Clinic Redesign

Evaluation and Results

Key Performance Indicators identified for all projects; evaluation to occur in 2019.


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