Management of acute care needs of RACF residents

Initiative Type
Model of Care
09 August 2019
Last updated
09 July 2021


The Management of acute care needs of RACF residents provide pathways and practice points to ensure clarity with decision-making to optimise care for residents of aged care facilities.

Key dates
Jun 2019
Jun 2020
Implementation sites
The pathways are being implemented across Queensland in facilities that have an operational RACF acute care support service (RaSS) that includes the appropriate clinical governance.


To support the clinical decision making of General Practitioners (GPs) and residential aged care facility (RACF) registered clinicians, in the management of the acutely unwell residents of aged care facilities.


The pathways provide

  • Support clinical decision-making of GPs and RACF registered clinicians in the form of pathways and practice points supported by empirical evidence, from the point of illness rather than the point of referral
  • Checklists and prompts for effective closed loop communication between RACF staff, GPs and hospital clinicians
  • Age and cognition appropriate assessment tools for targeted clinical assessment
  • Improved quality of care for residents of aged care facilities, while also improving efficiency of service delivery across the care continuum.


Barriers that existed between community and acute sectors highlighted an opportunity to work together and share knowledge to ensure residents of aged care facilities can receive the right care at the right time in the right place.

Solutions Implemented

A suite of collaborative pathways for General Practitioners and Registered Nurses to support clinical decision making on the most appropriate place for residents of aged care facilities to receive care.

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Key contact

Laureen Hines
Director Statewide Access
Healthcare Improvement Unit
(07) 3101 4237