Telehealth Parent Education Program

Initiative Type
Model of Care
11 March 2019
Last updated
18 April 2019


The Ellen Barron Family Centre (EBFC) Telehealth Parent Education Program is an early parenting and support telehealth service. This service is designed to partner with consumers by providing an avenue to access support from EBFC either directly to the home or in partnership with the nearest health service.

Key dates
Dec 2018
May 2019
Implementation sites
Throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory
Royal Flying Doctors Service - Qualified Queensland Section


Improve consumer access to specialist child health services and provide services closer or directly to home.


  • Cost benefits for health service and consumer.
  • Improved service access.
  • Better patient experience.
  • Enhanced capabilities of local service provider.
  • Building and enhancing the skills of EBFC clinicians in providing virtual care.


The EBFC is the only residential early parenting centre offering tertiary multidisciplinary level services to Queensland, the Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales. Due to the large geographical footprint of this service, access to the centre is difficult and costly for consumers and places continual strain on the service to continue meet demand and wait times.

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Key contact

Rachel Teis
Project Officer
Child and Youth Community Health Service
(07) 3139 6569