Connecting Care through Connecting with Community

Initiative Type
Model of Care
11 September 2017
Last updated
15 June 2020


The aim of the project is to design and implement a connected and sustainable model for chronic disease management in seven communities of the Western Corridor of the Central West Hospital and Health Service (CWHHS). It includes the primary health care (PHC) services delivered from the Boulia, Bedourie, Birdsville, Jundah and Windorah PHC centres and the townships of Yaraka and Stonehenge. All PHC service staff, including nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers, visiting GPs, community health teams (including mental health), allied health and specialist services delivered to these centres are within scope for the project which has four phases;

  1. Understand the Current State - services, funding, patient experience and identify priority areas for focus.
  2. Co-design the Future State – co-design the future patient experience and develop innovative and sustainable model/s of care.
  3. Implement the Future State – build a roadmap for implementation, implement the future state and mange and embed change.
  4. Monitor and Sustain the Change – complete post implementation outcome measurement and conduct continuous quality improvement processes.
Key dates
Jan 2016
Aug 2017
Implementation sites
Central West Hospital and Health Service
Healthcare Improvement Unit, Western PHN, QAIC, (Check Up RACF and other NGOs), Councils across Western Corridor


To design and implement a model for integrated chronic disease prevention and care in five Communities in the Central Queensland Western Corridor.


Improved access to GP services, service coordination and clinical outcomes for people with chronic disease.


The Integrated Care Innovation Fund provides financial support to innovative projects that deliver better integration of care, address fragmentation in services and provide high-value healthcare. Funded projects also demonstrate a willingness to embrace and encourage the uptake of new technology alongside the benefits of integrating care and improving communication between health care sectors.

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Key contact

Karen Mills
Principal Project Lead
Central West Hospital and Health Service
(07) 4652 8000