Past events

26 Apr
Allied Health Education Forum

The Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland will deliver their next Allied Health Education Forum in April.

19 Apr
2018 Clinical Excellence Showcase

This year the Clinical Excellence Division in partnership with the Health Services Chief Executive's Forum will present the second annual Clinical Excellence Showcase on April 19 and 20 at the Sofi

23 Mar
Allied Health Assistant Workshop

The Allied Health Assistant Forums are an opportunity for allied health assistants and support workers to develop skills directly related to their practice and to network with other colleagues and

08 Mar
Queensland Clinical Senate

Registration for the the first Queensland Clinical Senate meeting for 2018 - Leading for the future - on 8-9 March has started.

01 Dec
Statewide Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Network Forum

The 2017 Statewide Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Network Forum will feature a range of interesting presentations from experts in the maternity and neonatal fields, including a panel focusing on informed consent and patient autonomy.

17 Nov
Statewide Dementia Clinical Network forum

Clinicians from across Queensland will attend the Statewide Dementia Clinical Network forum in Brisbane that will explore the theme: "Care outside of hospital - the other 98%".

06 Nov
1st Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care

This November the International Foundation for Integrated Care will present the first Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care with co-host Children’s Health Queensland and support from CED.

13 Oct
Allied Health Clinical Educator Forum

The annual Allied Health Clinical Education Forum provides an opportunity for allied health clinical educators to discuss topics related to skill development and support of allied health clinical e

03 Oct
NUM/MUM Summits

Nurse Unit Managers and Maternity Unit Managers from across Queensland came together for the NUM/MUM Summit, which was supported by the Queensland Nurses and Midwives' Union.

19 Sep
Tri Nations Falls Forum

Falls represent 15.5 per cent of all incidents reported in Queensland Health hospitals, with inpatient falls estimated to cost Queensland $5.4 million in surgery costs, wound care, and extended len

01 Sep
QEDSAP Workshop

The Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel (QEDSAP) hosted an invitation-only workshop on 1 September to set the strategic direction for emergency care in Queensland.

21 Aug
Statewide Cancer Clinical Network Forum

The 2017 Cancer Forum ‘Data – do you see what I see?’ was hosted in partnership by our Statewide Cancer Clinical Network and the Central Integrated Regional Cancer Service (CIRCS).

21 Aug
Paediatric Sepsis Forum

More than 150 clinicians, policy and administration staff, consumers and group leaders attended the Statewide Paediatric Sepsis Forum on 21 August 2017 to demonstrate and discuss challenges, gaps,

18 Aug
Statewide Surgical Network Forum

The annual Statewide Surgical Services Forum saw Queensland clinicians and departmental leaders come together to explore the Sustainability of Surgical Services.

01 Jun
Clinical Excellence Showcase

Hundreds of health professionals from across Queensland converged on the Mercure Hotel North Quay on 1 and 2 June for the very first Clinical Excellence Showcase.

30 May
Sepsis Forum

On 30 May 2017, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service (PSQIS) hosted a very successful Sepsis Forum to raise awareness and build impetus for action to improve outcomes for sepsis in Queens

15 Nov
Maternity Services Forum

The Maternity Services Forum 2016 was convened at the request of the Minister for Health and Ambulance services in response to concerns that had been raised about a range of issues related to publi